Friday, 28 December 2007

New Years Resolutions

I've got a whole bunch of these.
  • Writing three books, two in my series. More on that when I can be bothered. If you're interested, have a look at my other blog -
  • Editing and typing up several other books.
  • Reading a wider variety, including a second attempt at Jane Eyre, and maybe some other classics too.
  • Getting on with my Distance Learning Course.
  • And other stuff, including doing NaNoWriMo again. That was fun.
  • Oh, and keeping this blog up to date.

Biggles, yay!

Just been to Southport, and I got two Biggles books in the little book store by the Chinese which is really cool. It's the only place in the area I know of where you can get Biggles books, and most of my collection has come from there. I've already read one of the books... The curse of being a fast reader.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Writing thank-you notes and tidying a bedroom...

It takes so long to write thank-you notes. I should just direct everyone to here and thank them online. Hmm, worth thinking about...
I'm 'tidying my bedroom' at the moment. Actually, I've near enough done it, but it's a good excuse for not playing my clarinet yet.
Must get back to work. English essays to write and whatnot.


Just been to the sales in Preston. Kind of crazy in there, despite the fact that it's raining. Thought we were going to Liverpool until my dad was like 'You don't need to take your iPod into Preston'. Turns out that for some reason the Liverpool trip was cancelled in favour of Preston. Why, I ask you? Oh well. It wasn't too bad. Spent some of my Smiths vouchers. Why does nowhere have anything on Japanese Mythology? I had to get a book on mythology in general instead. The library doesn't have anything on their system apart from one book published in 1969, and it's miles away in a reference library. Humph.
In case you're wondering why I need to know about Japanese Mythology, it's because I'm writing a story based on the legend of Tokoyo, a girl who left to find her father who'd been exiled and wound up saving all of Japan. I want to mix in some other myths too, which could be interesting as I don't really know anything apart from what's on Wikipedia.
I'm also working on a story about angels at the moment, book six in the series.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Wow this is really cool!

Hey, I'm excited. Entered all my profile stuff and started randomly clicking on things, and there're a bunch of people out there who share similar interests, which I never thought I'd find. Like people who're Future Authors and stuff.

Hey People

This is my first ever blog. It's kind of cool. I guess this'll mean I'll actually keep a kind of up-to-date diary type thing, after abandoning my old one on paper. Must admit, I do use pen and paper more often than the computer to do this kind of thing, but I have started doing more on the computer now I've got one in my room.
Hmm, no idea what to put now.
Merry Christmas everyone out there!