Saturday, 29 March 2008

My dream...

Not an actual dream dream as in a sleeping dream, but a kind of far-fetched goal dream. I shall explain.

I want to become an author, and become kind of famous, or at least, well read. Then, I'll use the money to buy land in Africa, and set up a community for people to live and work together, like a monastery, but more of an everyday kind of thing. In this place, people won't use money or trade, everyone will just share. People will do what needs doing, and help each other to do it. They'll make crafts, and everyone will do the job that they're best at and that they most enjoy doing. We'll sell the crafts abroad, and the money will be used to help keep the community running.
Maybe it's a kind of weird dream, but it's just something that's been with me for a long time. It'd be run kind of how I've set up heaven as being in my angel books, and it'd be amazing. There would be very few disputes, because everyone'll share what they have so there's no material possessions to argue over, but there would be a kind of council to govern it, with the people on the council elected. I guess it's kind of like a communist/socialist thing, but that's how I think the whole world should be. It's a shame peoples' greed gets in the way.

Story update

Done loads of writing this month (part of the reason I've not been posting here). It's the most I've done in a month this year, and the month isn't quite finished yet, so I might manage to equal my nanowrimo wordcount, though I doubt it. I'm working on Yarev's story at the moment. Well, that's the provisional title anyway, but it's not really very accurate, because I'm not even convinced he's the main character. Don't think there is one main character. I've stolen some stuff from real life (like Hazel and Adam), but everything apart from them is completely made up. It's going pretty well I think. The right people are dying, because it's kind of a murder mystery thriller type thing, something along the lines of Alaistar MacLean crossed with sci-fi. It's good fun to write at any rate. Wrote quite a bit in physics yesterday, on paper, which I then had to type up, but it's good to write it by hand first, it makes the words flow better, plus it means you get a kind of second draft when you type it up. I did finish my physics work first though, just so you know. I wasn't just randomly sitting in physics for an hour and a half (or something like that, maybe an hour and a quarter, I didn't time it, but certainly over an hour) writing while the teacher was talking. My teacher wasn't here, so I finished the work really, really fast, and then because we had to sit in silence I figured it was a good chance to do some work on my story.

I got into Cardinel Newman!! Well, pretty much anyway.

Got a letter yesterday saying they were pleased to tell me that they were going to send me a letter to let me accept a place. I just need to get good grades, and then I can go there to study English Language, Maths, History, Politics and Sociology. Yay!! I really, really wanted to go there, right from when I first saw it, plus I know a few people who're there already. Ok, so I might be the only person from my school going there, but who cares? It's a lot nearer my house, so I won't be spending an hour and three quarters on a bus every day I go to school, and I'll be able to make friends who actually live in/near Preston so I can meet up with people a lot easier. My mum reckons the letter they sent wasn't a standard one, but I'm not entirely convinced. It was a nice letter all the same.


Hello. Got a headache. Slightly bored.
I walked into town today, because I missed the bus. It was wet, and annoying. Didn't manage to find any nice fabric for mum to make my prom dress with. She's found a really, really nice pattern. I did get four books though. That's why I shouldn't go into Oxfam bookshop and then wander past the nice guy on the market...

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Update on mum

Yeh, mum's not doing so bad after her operation. She can cook again. We're having cleaners in tomorrow, because she can't hoover, and my dad doesn't really have the time to do that along with everything else. My room is therefore now tidy.
She's going to have chemotherapy over the next 18 weeks, so right over the top of all my exams, and then after that she's having radiotherapy.

Update on stuff in general

Yeh, haven't posted for a while cos I've been busy with my mum and with coursework and homework and writing and I kind of couldn't be bothered to do this. But I will. I shall keep this up as a record of my life, because if I don't I'll forget everything that ever happens.
Last golf lesson today. Apparently after the holidays we have to do 'house events'. In other words, rounders competitions. I HATE ROUNDERS!! Why can't I play baseball? Why can't I just keep doing golf? I'm getting a lot better. Hit it to 75 today.

D of E

Whoo. Did my Duke of Edinburgh Final Expedition for bronze on Good Friday and Saturday. It was good fun. We pitched our tents under a huge white thing, so we stayed a bit warmer and the tents were dry in the morning. Zobia got stuck in mud and I was highly amused as I pulled her out. Got a bit tough on the second day, but I didn't do so bad, nowhere near as bad as last time. Enjoyed myself plenty, though I did have a bit of a rough patch in the evening because I couldn't see properly and my tent wasn't up and stuff like that. Still. All good fun. Part of growing up and being British as they say.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I just feel so frustrated at the moment. Zobia's really getting on my nerves, keeps skipping meetings and form and stuff and relying on me to tell her what she needs telling and it just does my head in. It really annoys me when I get relied upon for answers, like in science, and in maths. They put Miss' pen in my pocket today in maths, twas quite amusing, but a little annoying too cos it was like 'let's put it in Joanna's pocket, she never gets in trouble'. I was so angry in maths when Miss was like 'oh yeh it wasn't homework' when I spent ages last night, when I really didn't have the time and so didn't do other homework that needed doing, doing it. Argh!
Went to see Mr Bolton today, to kind of check up on the newspaper stuff. He's asked me to do an article on the OFSTED inspection, so I have to go and see Mr Whyte. I love how when I ask at dinner if someone'll come with me Zobia and Eleanor both refuse, especially Zobia, and they're both part of the newspaper team too. I don't see why it should fall to me. I've already done a story on choir, another on the author visit, a short story, a story on Script Frenzy and one on Laura for swimming, and neither of them has done anything. It's so annoying. Especially because Zobia went out of her way to try and get in the newspaper after Leon opted out. She should do more than me, because I was like one of the first team, got asked to do it, and she specifically went and made a fuss so that she could be in it. Think there's going to be a meeting soon, next Tuesday Mr Bolton said.
I wish I had the guts to actually say this stuff for real, but I don't, so it just all goes on here.