Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Halo: The Flood

Okay, so I read a book based on an Xbox game.  And I've also read Contact Harvest in the same series.  But guess what?  They're actually pretty decent.  Okay, so there's not that much character development, save for the Master Chief and the AI Cortana which are developed somewhat (although most of the characters mentioned get a kind of brief personality).  But it's very exciting.  If you like Matthew Reilly, you'll probably like these--they're basically non-stop action thrillers with a lot of fighting aliens.  And I mean a lot.  The whole book is basically a single campaign.

If you've ever seen the Halo games, I have to say they do seem to match with the books.  From the book, you can kinda tell that there's only one major character (ie the Master Chief) and that it's a fighting game.  But I don't know that there's anything hugely wrong with that.  It's a good book to sit and read when you just want a bit of entertainment, aren't too bothered about the characters, and would like to enjoy a well thought through alien culture as the enemy and some pretty impressive action scenes.  I guess the fact that it's based on a game has given it advantages on the world-building side.

If you want a book that doesn't require much thought and is just a fast-paced, enjoyable read, this is for you.

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