Sunday, 13 June 2010

BBQ and games

Well, yesterday was a noteworthy one for me, and not because of the World Cup. We had a Church BBQ and Fun Day, out in Ribchester. Started out on the Recreation Ground, playing outdoor games, including an interesting game of rounders. Interesting because of the [I]slight[/I] bending of the rules involved once or twice and the flexible attitude to who was and wasn't out... Had fun sliding across the grass to hit a cone, only to be told we weren't playing for half points :(. There was, in fact, no point to my leap (well, skid) to get in. Still, it was quite fun. Then there was (little) Tom's 'batting'. Well, Andy's batting with Tom holding the bat and nearly sending Tom flying instead of the ball... Oh, and Norma's amazing method of hitting things by flicking the bat straight up in the air with a squeal. Good fun was had by all. And of course, I had to take part in the sack race, egg and spoon race, bean bag on head race. Won none, but that was fine. They were really for the littlies, and given the size of the sack I was using, hardly surprising I didn't win :). Then we went back to Sue and Andy's for a BBQ, ate outside, relaxed, had fun, went on a walk, went paddling in the Ribble (bad move, more like scrambling bare foot over rocks that weren't too friendly and then standing in green slime...)... So yeh, good fun. Hattie came too, which was a bonus. Really enjoyed myself, got home and my nose turned bright red. And that was despite sun cream and hat! Still, it's not too bad now.

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