Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Priest

Like I said, yesterday was hard work.  So I decided to take the afternoon off doing uni work and just enjoy myself reading fiction instead.  Sometimes, you just need some fun books :)  Not that Bede isn't really interesting, but some of the books about Bede...

So, The Priest is a fairly standard crime thriller, with a freaky serial killer, excitable Spanish diplomats, and a cop with family trouble/girlfriend trouble (she's a journalist).  It's also well-written and gripping, so maybe not too standard.  Not entirely sure what else to say.  Sorry.  Feeling a bit tired, think I might go read some more fiction...  Well, it's that or continue making notes on Eddius Stephanus' 'Life of Bishop Wilfrid', which is interesting, but I think I'd rather read fantasy or something a bit less demanding of brain power.

I could put this to post tomorrow.  But then it won't make sense of the yesterday comment...  Maybe though, I will start doing the 'Schedule' thing.  That would be cool, right?  And maybe demonstrate that I am technically competent and can do exciting things, rather than just write four book reviews at once (okay, not quite four today, but sometimes...) and then abandon the blog for a week.  I could even start using pictures.  But I don't see how a blog that's primarily about reviewing books actually needs pictures.  The book cover, maybe?  Then I could use one of the new blogger view options, and people could scroll by book cover.  That might be interesting, but it'd take forever for me to add the pictures to all previous posts...

At the end of that ramble, let me sum up.  The Priest is a pretty good book, with a rather sinister serial killer and a rather interesting detective tracking him down.  Since I've come to the conclusion crime in particular stands or falls based on the characters, this one ones a pretty good job of 'standing'.  You do feel a little terrified when...  But you can read it and find out about that bit :)

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