Thursday, 13 October 2011

Raising the Past

For a great book to read to just relax, forget about a supervision that was definitely not the best I've ever had, and generally avoid thinking about the fact that I was feeling somewhat ill, Raising the Past is one to pick.

There's a buried woolly mammoth, there's an interesting main character who saw a previous expedition he led get destroyed by drug runners, and now he's up in the Arctic again.  There're also aliens.  Great fun.  I mean, the Arctic plus aliens plus interesting characters, what more can you want?  And it does have a plot (of the, 'oh heck, we need to save the world, forget the woolly mammoth that we were going to clone' variety, admittedly, but that's still a perfectly valid plot).  It has plenty of action too, and it keeps you on your toes, keeps you interested.  So while it might not make the BBC 100 Greatest Books due to some sort of intellectual snobbery, it's actually highly enjoyable.

Speaking of those 100 Greatest Books lists, you'd think, given how much I read, that I'd come out as pretty well read on them.  But they're a bit skewed towards boring classics.  Or you get each Harry Potter book listed separately.  Haven't read Harry Potter, actually.  Feel like I'm probably too old to enjoy it now--especially having analysed a couple of scenes in English Language.  The general point of this paragraph is, I think, that I'm not 'officially' all that well read.  Unless I'm allowed to tick books which I started, found incredibly dull/annoying and wondered why anyone ever put them on a 'books to read or you will die' list, and gave up on.

Anyway, Raising the Past is good fun, a great escapist novel.  Really enjoyed it.

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