Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Despicable Me

I decided to be cultured this term, and watch more films.  Despicable Me perhaps doesn't fit the bill of 'high' culture, but it was certainly enjoyable.  A superhero movie with a difference, Despicable Me is, strictly speaking I suppose, a supervillain movie.

Gru is a supervillain who's never quite made it to the big time.  He and his army of minions have managed to steal the Statue of Liberty... The small one from Las Vegas.  With a new villain on the scene, Gru is determined to regain some prestiege, and so hatches an audacious plot to steal the moon.  Dogged every step of the way by his tenacious rival, he finds himself adopting three young girls who turn his life inside out, and make him question what's really the most important part of his life.

Brilliantly hilarious (I especially love the Bank of Evil...  Formerly Lehman Brothers), with a heart-warming ending, this is definitely a film to watch.  It might be animated, it might have a plot that borders on the utterly ridiculous at times with shrink rays, sharks, and squid guns, but it's a great film.

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