Sunday, 13 February 2011

Final Theory

It says on the book something along the lines of 'The Da Vinci Code, but with science'.  Actually, I've never read the Da Vinci Code, so I can't tell you how accurate that is, but from what I know of it I dare say it's pretty close to the mark.  It's a science based thriller, it seemed pretty plausible to me, but I'll hold my hands up now and admit that while I have at least a passing interest in science I'm no expert.  And the science was explained well enough that it's reasonably comprehensible.

The basic premise?  Einstein came up with a unified theory of everything (this sort of idea also features in a book by Tom Grace, I believe it's the one called Quantum), which could prove even more dangerous to humanity than the nuclear bomb.  An interesting enough main character, who's actually a professor of the history of science (is that the right way of putting it?) and a pretty good cast of supporting characters, including the 'bad guy'.

At any rate, I enjoyed it enough to have a look for other books by that author.  Unfortunately, there aren't any.  Ah, actually, take that back.  I've just looked on Fantastic Fiction, and there is!  And it follows on in the same series.  Bonus :)  I shall certainly be keeping my eye out for that at the library (I have to be seriously strict on myself in terms of actually buying books now I'm afraid.  All my bookcases at home are crammed to bursting, and I have maybe a dozen books here in Cambridge as well, so how they're gonna fit when I go back is beyond me...  And I seem to have a thing for still ending up with more books!  Ah well.  I'll be keeping an eye out at the library, as I said.)

Final Theory is worth a read.  It's maybe not the greatest thriller of the year, but it's certainly a solid book that's by no stretch of the imagination a waste of time to read.

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