Monday, 28 February 2011


I really enjoyed this.  It's a black and white, silent movie from 1927, and they recently found a few more bits of it and added them in (the new bits were lower quality in terms of the actual film, but added a lot to the story).  I was surprised at how complex the plot was and the fact that it was comprehensible, and that despite the fact that there weren't all that many dialogue screens.

I suppose it's strictly speaking dystopian science fiction, and it's really good.  The graphics still look good, and it was apparently the most expensive silent film ever made.  There are some brilliant bits with the machinery, and it's intriguing to see one of the ways the future was envisaged in 1927.

Some bits were unintentionally amusing.  There was a lot of clutching at hearts, and hugging, but most of it was excellent.  I can well understand why Empire film magazine rated it 12th of 100 best films of world cinema last year.  Well worth a watch.  The soundtrack is also really good, and it gives a totally different viewing experience to a 'normal' film with words.

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