Monday, 11 April 2011

The Conscience of the King

Fancy an intriguing Shakespeare conspiracy, set, unlike the other two I've read, in the Jacobean era?  This is a brilliant book, I couldn't put it down.  Intrigue, action, and the question: could Shakespeare really have written what he wrote?  The answer, at the end?  I'm not going to tell you :p  You'll have to read it and find out for yourself.

Wonderfully evocative, with an intriguing plot, fast-paced action, and a brilliant hero.  I love these books :)  Can you tell?  From what I've seen, there are only four (although there is a mysterious book mentioned in the historical notes at the end of this one, which suggests a fifth one that google hasn't turned up, so perhaps it's not been published yet), two in the Jacobean period, two under Elizabeth, all fascinating and full of rich detail about court, country, and life.  As well as, and this is a particular favourite for me, details about Cambridge at that time, well recreated.  And this one even contains a wonderful scene in King's College Chapel.  When I'm down in Cambridge, I walk past there every day :)  Shame my college never got a mention (Christ's, if you're wondering).

I don't know what else to say really, save that these are definitely books to grab as soon as you see them.  Took me long enough to find copies of this one and the one I reviewed yesterday.  I don't see why they aren't more popular, to be perfectly honest.  So yeh, read them :)

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