Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Zero Hour

Slightly confused as to how this blurb: 'A terrorist group is on the brink of obtaining a code that will jam every item of military hardware from Washington to Kabul. Jets and helicopters will fall from the sky. Communications and weapons systems will fail. The West will be brought to its knees. Only one man can find and stop the perpetrator -- but for the first time in his life Nick Stone doesn't want to play ball.', fits with this book.  I think Fantastic Fiction may have got an earlier version of the blurb...  The only thing that is vaguely the same is the last sentence, which is in the blurb on the actual book.  Just thought I'd make that observation, seeing as the book has very little to do with that, and is actually about a kidnapping and child trafficking (although I can see where the original blurb comes from, as there are aspects of it in the book, ish).

Right.  That out the way (I was only looking to check I had the title right), I'll get on with reviewing the actual book :).  I really enjoyed it.  Like all the Nick Stone books, it's a fast paced thriller with a main character who's a little deeper than he seems than first glance, but I think this one is really really good in terms of character development.  Unfortunately, I suspect it's going to be the last one, unless there's a sort of new phase in the series as it were.  Although it is a strong ending, I've really enjoyed these books.  They're fast paced, there're plenty of twists (particularly in this particular one), and they're incredibly realistic.

If you're looking for a fast paced thriller, that doesn't just offer guns and explosions but also a lot of depth both to the situation (rather than just having an excuse for plenty of action) and to the characters.  Very enjoyable read, and they're highly addictive.  Whilst not necessarily ones you'd read over and over again, whilst you are reading them they're all but impossible to put down (as my parents discovered when trying to get me to come for dinner yesterday...).

A great book.

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