Saturday, 4 October 2008

Fight Club

It's by Chuck Palahniuk, and it was on a list of fifty books you should read. Having just finished it, I can totally agree with why it should be. It's terrifying in many respects, but absolutely gripping. I wish my English Lit teacher hadn't told me the ending, it spoiled it a little, so I won't tell you who Tyler is. I haven't read such a good twist for a while, not since Fear is the Key. Anyway, it's about a man who starts a club where men can go and fight each other. And then, when the fighting until you're a bruised mess loses its attraction, you progress onto a plan for anarchy that looks set to shake the whole of the USA. It really is terrifying, and the worst thing is, I believe it could happen. *Shudders*. Anyway, read it, but not just before you go to bed. It's probably not the best thing to read in order to manage sleeping.

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