Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Romanov Prophecy

Set a short distance in the future, this book is about what happens when the Russians decide they want their Tsar back. So begins a discussion over which person has the closest relation to Tsar Nicholas II. Several contenders appear, and Miles Lord has been ordered to check for any weaknesses in the candidate a group of powerful men decided to support. He discovers a suggestion that the two youngest children may have survived. Guided by an ancient prophecy from Rasputin and a secretive group that has been around since the fall of the Romanovs, Lord is launched into a quest to find a direct descendent of Nicholas II. However, the men who have their puppet Tsar ready and willing to step into position are not so happy about this, and try to stop him. It was quite an interesting idea. However, it wasn't that well written I have to admit, and it would've been much more interesting if the reader wasn't told pretty much straight away that Lord's boss was working for the group trying to bring in a puppet Tsar. I've not spoilt anything by telling you that--you find out pretty much as soon as the group is first shown to exist. So, it's not a terrible book, but it's certainly not the best thing I've ever read either. If you've an interest in Russian history at all, or conspiracy theories about the survival of Anastasia, you'll probably find it fairly good. If not, you might not want to bother reading it.

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