Monday, 24 November 2008


Hello. I finished my story this morning. Just over the 50000 mark, though the nanowrimo word count checker seems to eat some of the words that OpenOffice gives me. Humph about that. But never mind, the official count is still enough. I finished One For Sorrow (before version). Which means I need a new name for the original One For Sorrow, but I don't yet know where in the series it's going to come. So I guess I could just call it after version or something temporarily. Anyway. My story involved lots of explosions and fighting and so forth, was pretty good fun to write, and didn't go anywhere near as random as last yaer, despite the fact taht I started with no clear plan at all, and the fact that plenty of unexpected characters or characters with unexpected twists (such as Jon being in a wheelchair, and the appearance of a love interest in Lady Irin...). I enjoyed it. Needs a little editing, but not so bad as last year's needed it. Shall now try and finish The Desert Rat, which needs renaming, perhaps to The Snake of the Desert because the title hasn't shown up how I expected it too. Anyway. Maybe I'll call it something completely different. Still. Just thought I'd tell you that. And I'm not dead, despite the fact my lack of posts seems to suggest otherwise...

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