Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Testament of Caspar Schultz

This book by Jack Higgins is part of the Paul Chavasse series which I absolutely love but cannot find the books in it. That might be partially because they were originally published under the name Martin Fallon (I think, don't quote me on that). That's odd. I've just had a look on the Fantastic Fiction site to see if I can verify that, and they don't have any record of Jack Higgins ever having written The Testament of Caspar Schultz or any of the Paul Chavasse series. Hmm... I shall have to investigate. Ooh, it says it's the first book. It also says it was written as Martin Fallon, a psudenym of Harry Patterson. Now I'm really confused. Especially because the book cover it shows says Jack Higgins on it. Ok, so Harry Patterson and Jack Higgins are both the same person. All the book covers I can see on the right show Jack Higgins as the author. But they aren't on Jack Higgins' page on the site. I think it's a bit screwed up. That's odd. Really odd. Anyway...
It's a fantastic book. It's the tale of the quest for a book to be published by an ex-Nazi by a British spy. There's a pretty girl who gets involved (an Isreli who wants to get hold of the book) and her step-brother, and there's plenty of excitment. Apparently it's the first book in the series, but I'm no longer quite sure I trust Fantastic Fiction after what I've just found out. Hmm. Anyway, it's well worth reading if you like action. If not, well, you might still enjoy it, because it's very well written and there're plenty of twists in the plot, but it is a thriller. I'd really recomend it. Haven't yet read a Jack Higgins (or maybe I should say Harry Patterson!) book which I don't like.

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