Thursday, 26 November 2009


Well, not only am I now an official Nanowrimo winner, I have also managed to finish Moonwalker! There are one or two bits I need to go back and fix, but that can wait. I'm just chuffed that I've done it. 26 days from start to finish, and it's approximately 80000 words. I'm really pleased with how the story itself turned out as well. Especially since it was the first time I ever went into Nanowrimo with a plan--normally I find it quite hard to write from a plan. I tend to go in with a couple of characters and just run for it. But I had a beginning, a vague idea of a middle, and a vaguer idea of an end. Still more than I normally write with. Character profiles are the only planning I've ever done for a story that's worked, not the synopsis I came up with for Moonwalker (although I hadn't worked out the title until half way through). Anyway, I'm not finished with Nanowrimo yet. I've started another with a character that leapt upon me on Sunday and demanded a story as soon as I'd finished this one. I suspect it's going to have a historical element to it, perhaps a little more so than with Moonwalker which was technically sci-fi but also involved Egyptians. Anyway, I'll go now and do a little more writing, but I just wanted to share that I've finished Moonwalker :D.

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