Friday, 20 November 2009

A Question...

Okay, so what I want to know is this: I normally use Firefox. Today, it is being awkward and insisting that I have a non-responding window open when I blatantly don't, and therefore won't let me open it. I can't be bothered to restart my computer--it takes a fair while. So: why is it so different looking on Internet Explorer? I mean, it's not even as though I'm on a different website. But for some reason, all the controls at the tob of this web page are bigger, the text in this box is smaller, and everything seems rather square. And also, why does Chrome not work with Blogger? You would've thought that with them both being google things, that Chrome would be the optimum platform to use with blogger. But I tried three times to log on, and I know user name and password was right, and even when I clicked sign in rather than enter it just refreshed the home page rather than logging me in. Humph. So now I'm forced to write this blog post without using Firefox, so it all looks a bit weird, and without a built in spell checker, which is always useful when you have a tendency to make loads of typos. Can any computery people explain in non-technical language? Or is it just that it is like this?

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