Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I'm purple :D. Yay! I lost a couple of words because I think open office is a little more generous as to what constitutes a word (as in, about a thousand extra words more generous...), but I'm still purple. Okay, I suppose I need to qualify that statement a little. It maybe doesn't quite make sense. Basically... I'm now an official Nanowrimo 2009 winner. I scrambled and uploaded my novel, and the word counting monkeys deemed it long enough to make me an official winner. My story is also nearly finished. I just need Sprite to walk out the hospital, borrow/steal with the intention of returning (I hope) a Naut (my name for an aircraft on the Moon), head out to the First Colony, and join up with the archaeologists again. Then he can explain to them in no uncertain terms that the First Colony most certainly did not have weapons, they were a pacifist society that got wiped out by the Americans. Oh, and it might be a good idea to fetch Emma back after she ran away when I kinda killed her boyfriend with a booby trap. Yeh, I think she needs to return at some point. Soon I hope. Cos I have another story which seems to want writing NOW and I keep telling the characters to hold off until I've finished Moonwalker. And I need to decide what time period new story is set in too, as I'm half tempted to place it in the 1950s... We shall see.

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