Thursday, 12 November 2009


I realised after I posted that and was going to go, that I never said about how my novel was coming on. Well, it's no longer untitled. It's called Moonwalker. So far, due to repeated attacks by various 'baddies' including robots, wild animals, Ferals (radiation affected humans who often have an affinity with animals and may act like wild animals too), and a slight diversion when I sent Sprite off to help some other military chaps to take a hill, my characters have not yet arrived at the site of the First Colony where they'll start digging. However, Sprite has picked up a baby tiger, they've been joined by Catcher who was rather unexpected, and the characters have developed quite nicely. I'm also at just over 36000 words, which means I'm ten days ahead of schedule. (In other words, I've written 36000 words in twelve days!) And I've still managed to read a bit and build another two models (a tank and a truck with a gun). Oh, and my dad helped me hang another ten aircraft from my ceiling the other day, so the sky above my bed and throughout my room is starting to look rather busy. They're quite hard to count because they're all over the place, but I think there's about thirty of them up there now, of various types. The only thing that unites all of them is that they're all military (I'm counting my Tiger Moth as military because it's got RAF roundels on and it was used as a trainer). Other than that--well, there's two Harriers, three helicopters including a Chinook, a Lancaster bomber, an F-15E, six WWI aircraft, a number of WWII ones of German, British and American make, and several inter-war aircraft. So not really a particularly unified collection, but it looks good. Most of them are English. Oh, there's another two jets that I forgot about, a Red Arrows Gnat which was one of my first Airfix ones (I used to build wooden models, then 'graduated' to Airfix type), and a Skyhawk. And a wooden one too. And a Dakota on a stand. I nearly forgot about my Dakota. Hmm, yeh, quite a collection I guess. I'll have to get a Hurricane sometime to go with the Spitfire and the Defiant. Yeh, that went slightly off topic. Never mind. Suffice to say, Nanowrimo so far is going pretty well, I'm on the downward slope from 35000, hopefully I have enough spare time to finish it off.

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