Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I am now a Fresher at the University of Cambridge!  And my college is absolutely amazing.  I couldn't get on the internet on my first night, but I wrote a post anyway.  Here you go...

Had an awesome day.  Everyone's very friendly.  Met Tom and Tom who are my new next door neighbours.  Both seem really nice.  Met Kate--a NatSci (like half + of the college appears to be!), got on really well with her.  Room is massive!  Have a firendly tree which popped a branch in to say 'hi!' when I opened the window--had to push the branch out again when I wanted to close it.  Room is all set up, though still seems a little bereft of posters--didn't realise how much space I'd have to stick tehm up.  Bathroom is a fair trek, but at least it's same floor.  Kitchen is diddy and smells a bit.  Bed seems comfy enough--let you know about that tomorrow (NB: Bed is comfy, but didn't sleep on first night because of strange noises like tree tapping...).  Though the way I'm beginning to feel, I could sleep on a broken park bench!  Whole day is a whirl of names and faces.  Good to have time to reflct though--went to Evensong in the Chapel, stunningly beautiful in all respects.  And whilst it was pretty high church, I really felt that God was present with us.  The choir!  They were amazing.

Met my tutor, she was very nice, and (finally!) found some more history students.  All seem friendly, can't wait to get to know them better.  And to get started with proper college.  Place (so far) seems to revolve around drinks and biscuits, orange juice being the alternative to both hot drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Dined in formal hall (though not in formal dress tonight).  What a place!  Half way through blurted out 'I want to live here,' realised abruptly that I do!  The food was really good and all.  Fruit salad, chicken with potatoes and peas, then delicious toffee cheesecake.

Then we were all herded into hte function room.  Wow that place gets hot.  Freshers Mingle, kinda fun but I'm knackered from mingling all day.  I love my room, actually think being away from bathroom will be good in terms of noise.  Night all!

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