Friday, 8 October 2010

Very Surreal Walk...

Well, I think I've settled in.  I say that because I was sat in the Seeley (history faculty library, see, I now know these things, and that you don't search for the history faculty, you search for the Seeley library when you're looking for books!) and I thought 'right, time to go home'.  So I'm guessing that now I think of college as 'home', it's time to say I've settled in :).  Really enjoying life here, it's absolutely awesome.

I have a regular walk to make to get to the History Faculty over at the Sidgewick site, and it's so awesome.  First: through college, out the plodge--and that's impressive enough I would like to add, as Christ's is a pretty awesome college, then down past the market and onto King's Parade.  Through King's College, which is spectacular, then through the King's College fields, complete with cows, squirrels and ducks.  Over the bridge, where you could basically have gone back several hundred years in time, and then out of King's at the other side and across a main road.  It just feels really bizarre to be making such a switch between centuries.

I had a wonderful dinner tonight with my college family, and then we did the most awesome thing ever, although it was slightly terrifying to get up there.  We went up on the roof and we could see out over the college and the city.  What a view!  Well worth the fact that I really don't appreciate ladders.

Had six lectures so far.  Met lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of people.  Lectures have all been enjoyable, although the one earlier today on economics in Early Modern England was a little bit dull and in parts I thought the lecturer rather laboured the point.  Still, I'm loving it.  Part way through my first essay, due in on Tuesday morning (although I'll probably send it Monday night).  Nearly the end of Fresher's week (ha, it's basically Fresher's couple of days, and then lectures start and we're still doing Fresher stuff).  In some ways it's weird to think it's practically a week since I left Preston--sometimes it feels far longer, sometimes much more recent.  I'll be glad when I've settled into a proper schedule though.  I'm starting to get the hang of the whole 'I need to remember to eat, get milk, do stuff' thing, and getting to know the other people around.  Good fun, rather exciting still.

Well, I can't think of anything much else to say and I'm really pretty knackered.  Might do a little bit of writing, a little bit of reading, and go to bed.  Night all :)

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