Sunday, 10 October 2010

Some Observations

Being a student has led me to make some observations on life.  Most of them are probably pretty obvious for people who have ever moved away from home.

1. If I want milk, I have to buy it.  Preferably before I want it to put on breakfast cereal, because the shops aren't open when I have breakfast.

2. Dry brown bread is really not all that delicious.  I should probably get some margarine.

3. What Heinz alleges is macaroni cheese is disgusting slop which I wouldn't inflict on... well, on anything.  At all.  Ever.

4. On the other hand, Heinz raviolli is actually fairly tasty.

5. I need to get something to put on a sandwich for tomorrow, or I will have to buy a sandwich.  Buying a sandwich is more expensive than buying a whole loaf of bread and a tin of spam.  In fact, I think it's at least twice as expensive.

6. College food is okay, but the curry is spicy.  Thankfully I had a feeling it might be and avoided it.  Oh, and the onion rings are kinda weird.

7. I have to go fetch water from the kitchen.  I currently have none.  Hmm...  Dry bread makes you thirsty.  I should perhaps go get some water.  Which means finding my keys, closing the door, getting the water, coming back, unlocking hte door...

8. At some point, I will end up forgetting my keys.  Probably in the middle of the night.  Which will mean going to visit the plodge in my pyjamas.  I'm not convinced that's a great idea...

9. I am now running out of observations.

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