Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Cambridge! Day 1

I went to Cambridge on Sunday. It took me four trains to get there, which was slightly annoying. Although the constant changes did break up the journey and stop me getting bored, they also meant that I lost a heck of a lot of time when I'd been hoping to read--I had a brilliant book on the social history of Britain between WWI and WWII with me--because since I didn't know any of the stations I didn't know how long it would be between the station before and the one I was getting off at. As I managed to fall down some stairs in a shop on Saturday and twist my ankle, I was hobbling a bit too so I needed to make sure I had enough time to get coat on, get handbag, and retrieve suitcase from either over my head or on the luggage rack. Not the easiest thing in the world when I'm not all that tall and my ankle was sore. But I managed all the changes without a problem (perhaps half because I was up for up to ten minutes before we arrived at the stations...). Anyway, I got to Cambridge over five hours after setting off from Preston, and the weather was really bright and blue skyed! It had gradually got bluer as I travelled down. I've been reliably informed that it rains nowhere near as much in Cambridge as it does in Preston. To be honest, it would be difficult to find somewhere that rains more than Preston.

So because I had another hour or so before I was due at the college, I got on a random bus (no idea where it was going--there didn't seem to be anythign that told you where they went besides the final destinations that meant nothing to me, so I figured I'd just get on and see where I ended up), and went past Parker's Piece. So I got off and tootled along, since I knew where I was then, and sat on a bench in the park to read until it went dark. The only problem was, that made my suitcase wheels somewhat muddy... I don't think my dad was so impressed when I got back :).

Once it was dark, I went to Christ's College and got the key for my room, and then I rang a lady from a church in Cambridge who used to go to my church but left before we came back from America. So basically, a friend of a lot of friends :D. She arranged to pick me up so I could go to their church, and it was amazing!

It was a little weird being picked up by somebody I'd never met before, but everyone in the church was really friendly and the worship was amazing. I'm not a complete swing off the chandeliers sort of person normally, but it was awesome. And the message was fantastic. All about taking things a step at a time and living by faith, trusting and going for it. And the fact that it's not too late to take an opportunity you thought you'd missed. It was really encouraging, because I certainly feel like I'm going at life without a master plan. Got to college and only decided on the day I was finalising my application complete with results exactly what combination of subjects I was going to take. Realised that history was definitely still my favourite subject while doing at college, and eventually decided that I didn't want to do it with another subject, and which universities I'd apply for. So I think I've worked it out up to the point where I graduate. Then what? Well, does it matter? I'll find out when I get there, which should be soon enough. I've got three years yet.

As this post is getting rather long, and I'm going soon to house group, I'm going to split this up into two posts. Tomorrow (hopefully) will come part two.

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