Saturday, 12 December 2009

A Job!

Well, I have a job. Yep, I wasn't actually looking for one actively, which my dad unfortunately is, but I got offered one and decided to take it. Marks and Spencers for two weeks over Christmas, about sixty hours worth of work. I got a phone call to say that I'd been recommended for the job by a friend from church, would I come for interview on Friday. Naturally I agreed, remembering that a while ago the friend had mentioned they took extra people on for Christmas, was I interested and I'd said yes. So I turned up for interview, slightly nervous because I've never actually had a real job before--I've only ever been a volunteer. Anyway, I got asked four questions, for which I had to use personal experiences to talk about times I'd shown various qualities (I was pretty glad that I'd done the Duke of Edinburgh, it gave me something to talk about as that was quite a challenge but very enjoyable--we ended up doing our final expedition in February, which was maybe not the greatest of ideas as we got hailed on and were slightly concerned that the trees were going to drop down). Then the interviewers (two this time, one to ask questions, the other to write down what I said), went out the room to confer and left me a sheet to fill in. Then they came back and told me that I had the job, and here were my hours and I have training on Saturday. So I was pretty chuffed. The pay's good, particularly as I'm not actually entitled to minimum adult wage yet but they pay everyone the same regardless of age, though I've a few quite long days. Still, I managed Oxfam bookshop, when I was the only person on the till (somewhat unnerving at times, particularly at first when I didn't actually know exactly what I was meant to be doing and how various things were put in!), and college is hardly easy. I guess I would quite like to have Christmas just to chill, but let's be fair, what would I be doing? Only building models, reading, and spending time on the internet, and it's not as though I'm going to have absolutely no time to myself. I was doing three days a week (though with somewhat shorter hours) over most of the summer and that wasn't a bother--I still had plenty of time for myself. So yeh, I'm actually quite looking forward to it. It'll be a new experience, and they're always useful for stories.

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