Monday, 8 September 2008

Chrome Beta

Ok, so I'm moving on from reveiwing just the 'normal' stuff like books and films and so on, to browsers. I'm not a computer geek, honest, I just don't really like the fact that Microsoft has taken over the entire computer world.
So, google's browser. Maybe I ought to be nice about it, because this is hosted by google. They may not appreciate me knocking their products. But I won't anyway. It's pretty decent. Very open, the stuff at the top etc is not too in your face. I like the favourites bar a lot, pretty nifty feature. Took less time to download and install than Firefox did. My complaints? Took me a few seconds to realise the star icon was to bookmark something, and it doesn't seem to be spellchecking the text of this post, although it did do the text I was talking to Rachel with. Which is weird. Having said that, Firefox's spellchecker started doing random and unpredictable things on here too. Maybe it's blogger rather than the browser. Don't know. Anyway, it's worth checking out. I want to do a little more experimenting before I decide 'this is the browser I want to use', but right now, it seems pretty decent.
Oh, I like the little thumbnail thing whenever you open a tab with suggestions of what pages you might like to use. Seems a pretty good browser. Better than internet explorer for sure.

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