Sunday, 7 September 2008

From Russia with Love

Ok, I've been really bad about doing this, sorry. I actually read this book a couple of days ago, but hey. It's being reveiwed now, that's what counts, right?
It's a James Bond book, and I don't care what you think of the films, this book was really good. Just forget your preconceptions. It's an intrigueing plot line, plenty of action, and one interesting feature I think is worth noting: you don't actually meet James Bond until well into the story. It starts off with the evil bad guy, a psychopathic killer who works for SMERSH, a Russian spy-killing thing. An author's note at the front says that agency is for real. I wonder how he knew. I mean, it's not exactly going to be common knowledge, is it? Anyway, I really enjoyed it, and shall be looking out for more James Bond books. Including the Young Bond, possibly the last in the series, which comes out this month. Along with Brisingr, Oath Breaker, and a whole host of other books. Seems like this month is the month for releasing books. I would've thought just before summer would be better, to get them for summer reads. Still. I'm not a publisher, or an agent, or even a published author. Yet.

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