Sunday, 7 September 2008

Something interesting I thought I'd share with you

So, on Sunday night last week, we forgot the sermon at church again. It happens with no particular regularity, sometimes a couple of nights in a row, sometimes not. Anyway, we all went down to the bottom and stood in a circle and we were annointed. We were praying for bonds to be broken. While we were praying, I saw my mum in the middle of the circle, lying there. She's still in hospital, and she was there with us in a way, in the middle.
All Sunday I'd been getting really nervous about my first day at Newman. My stomach was knotting up and so on, I was getting to the point where I was starting to feel sick with worry. I get like that sometimes. Anyway, this is the honest truth. Not once on Monday did I feel the tiniest bit worried. I was just filled with this incredible peace. Think what you like, but that's how it was. I was not scared about it, I was not worried about it, and because I went in there happy, expecting to enjoy myself, I did. I've had a great week. Just thought you might find that interesting, anyone who happens to read this. I won't force my opinion on you--as far as I'm concerned, that was God at work in me--but that's a truthful account of what happened.
Oh, and at the prayer meeting on Monday night, we were praying for all manner of stuff. A lot of it was for husbands/wifes/boyfriends/girlfriends for various people in the church, including me. So watch this space, there could be a spate of weddings in our church next year...

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