Sunday, 7 September 2008

Killing Floor

This is the book which first introduces Jack Reacher, and it's a marvellous first book. I absolutely could not put it down and was reading till one this morning. *Smiles innocently*. Decent size, took me four hours, give or take a bit. But I read really fast.
Anyway, it's absolutely fantastic, twist piled upon twist. This series is definitely one of my favourites, although I think favourite ever book goes to Assassin's Quest by Robin Hobb.
I can't really tell you much about the book without giving stuff away that it's better to find out while reading. Basically, Jack Reacher has left the army, six months back, and now he's wandering without any routes. He walks into a town pursueing a thread of an idea--a hunt for a long ago deceased guitar player his brother mentioned years back--and is instantly pulled in for a murder. But things get more complicated, and one murder turns into two. He's able to prove that it wasn't him--he was miles away when it happened--but circumstances mean he decides to stay and see the thing through to its final. I won't tell you what the circumstances are, they shocked me and I think they'll do the same for you. It's good.

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