Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Glass Tiger

I was most impressed with this novel, especially as I only picked it up because books at the Harris booksale were five for a pound and there were four others I wanted.  I decided to read it primarily because it looked like one of the view not mega long books I had left to read, and I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so I didn't feel like going into one of the new Robin Hobb ones I've got recently.

It's a thriller.  It's got plenty of action, conspiracy, intrigue, and a brilliant plot twist, but what really drives it is the main character, or rather, main characters.  The 'goodie' and the 'baddie' are both intriguingly written, and deliberately close to each other in their life experiences.  Powerfully written, two hunters stalk each other across America, the prize: the life of the President.

Brendan Thorne, ex-CIA, now living in Kenya as a game keeper, is dragged back to the States to chase a man the new President thought was dead, a man with a grudge and the skills to act on that grudge.  Trouble is, not only is Hal Corwin a worthy adversary, completely at home in the forests where Thorne has to chase him, adept at hiding in plain sight, those who recruited him have their own ambitions and motives best served by using Thorne and then getting him well and truly out the way--preferably dead, but a Kenyan prison will work just as well.

An excellent, unputdownable novel.  I'll certainly be looking out for more by Joe Gores.

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