Tuesday, 18 January 2011


The United States of Europe has arrived, and with it, dozens of new laws every day.  Things are becoming illegal so quickly, the jails have to be constantly deepened as more and more of Europe's citizens become inadvertent criminals.  Furthermore, it is now illegal to fire someone for incompetence--indeed, it seems like only the incompetent are ever promoted.

A brilliant thriller venturing across Europe, the investigator hampered by people and police who should probably be described as criminally insane.  An amusing, engrossing read with scatterings of brilliant characters, from the 'large' main character, through to the constantly angry Italian police chief, a forensic scientist who rearranges the dead bodies he's given as a hobby, a young woman with Sexually Inappropriate Response syndrome, and a dozen other hilarious characters and places--such as the train station where no train has ever stopped.

In style, it's probably closest to G K Chesterton or Douglas Adams, permeated with the same slightly wacky, off-beat humour, though with more of a plot than any of the Hitchiker books seem to have mustered...  There is a definite chase after a serial killer, on the trail of a dead agent.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, really glad I happened to pick it up in a charity shop :)  Well worth keeping an eye out for--I hope there's more.

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