Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Noah's Ark Quest

Well, I traded in various books the other day for this one and one other (my whole Clive Cussler collection, if you're interested, bar a couple of hardbacks).  Anyway, it was a can't put down variety of book.

Noah's Ark.  Scientifically improbable, and yet many thousands believe in it, either literally or figuratively.  As a wooden boat, it would have been the largest ever built, liable to collapse under its own weight.  In order to load all the animals, something like one pair every 30 seconds would have to be loaded.  On the other hand, flood mythologies feature in every major belief system, so is there a kernal of truth at the heart of the story?

Dilara's father has spent his life searching for the ark, but he's been missing for three years when the archaeologist gets a call from a family friend.  Poisoned before he can relate things fully, his garbled words lead her on a quest to prevent the end of the world, aided by ex-army engineer Tyler Locke and his close friend Grant Westwood.

Plenty of action, excitement, and a fabulous quest, plus the requisite dastardly plot to misuse the remains of Noah's Ark this is a thoroughly enjoyable novel, and also surprisingly believable.  A keep you up until you're finished sort of book, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And I'll certainly be keeping my eyes out for more.

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