Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well, Happy New Year one and all.  Looking back, I've done pretty rubbishly at keeping up with this blog.  Never mind.  This is a new year and I'll have a bash at doing better this time round.  It was easy to push it to one side while I was at uni, but I figure I was just making excuses really.  And it's not as though there was nothing to write about, and I've had plenty of time since I came back.  Anyhow, that's me done apologising for lack of blogging.

What's happened this year?  I 'won' Nanowrimo for the fourth year running, with an end total of 113,114.  Finished at Cardinal Newman, started at Christ's College Cambridge.  Learnt lots about early modern social and economic history, including the fact that you apparently don't capitalise early modern.  Also discovered that footnotes are impossible and incredibly annoying.  Essays would be so much more fun without footnotes.

Got my A-level results.  Made lots of new friends.  Joined a new church in Cambridge, which I now find myself missing while I'm at home.  Went to two airshows, the first time I've ever been to one.  Sunderland was amazing, Southport was wet, and the commentators much harder to hear which was a shame because the commentating was very good at Sunderland.

The 'big' politically events of the year: coalition government, student protests, Harrier got retired :( (my favourite modern aircraft), what else is worth mentioning to any future historian?  Nick Cameron and David Clegg of the Con-Dem party are useless liars, and I think there's a case to do Nick Clegg via the Advertising Standards Agency or for breach of contract or something.  The expenses scandal.  It was cold and England collapsed in a big heap of snow, even though there wasn't that much snow.  Anything else?  I guess there's the Royal Wedding announcement, but that's not that important.  Do you like my value judgements, random future historian who just happens to be using my blog as a source?  I'm afraid I'm probably quite atypical, but I really don't care about a Royal Wedding as a 'big event'.  I mean, I like the fact we have a monarchy, don't get me wrong, but I don't like celebrity culture, it bugs me.  Oh, the F-35 finally started getting somewhere.  Does that count as news?  Yeh, I guess it does.  Budget cuts.  Lots of them.  And tax is going up on January 4th, again. 

What else would you like to know?  Or, more specifically, what else would I like to tell you?  God's great, that's about all I can think of.

Oh, my goal for this year.  Three posts per week, which I think is a perfectly reasonable aiming point.  Possibly more, if exciting things happen.  I shall try and talk a bit more about the world outside of my own life too, which has the added bonus of making me pay attention to things outside my own life.  It's too easy, especially while in Cambridge, to loose all touch with the real world.  I observed a few weeks into term that it would be quite plausible that London was flooded completely, or World War Three broke out, and we wouldn't know about it.  So it's worth checking in with the BBC every now and again :)

Bye for now :)

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