Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Cheese Straws

I made cheese straws last Friday. Or perhaps I should say I attempted to. It was Lorena's house shower you see, so I thought (well, mum told me to think...) it would be nice to take some cheese straws. Very yummy. Unfortunately, I had a little problem with spoons and I used two tablespoons of salt instead of two teaspoons. So they were majorly oversalted. However, I have just made another batch, and this time I remembered to use the right spoon. It is rather a mess in the kitchen though because I couldn't be bothered to clean it all up... Well, the dishwashers full and I'm leaving soon to go to Bethany, and so it's all nicely stacked up waiting for mum and dad to get home and be thrilled...

Lorena's house shower was great fun though. Plenty of food, and a lot of laughing. And I even met Christine's friend who's a writer too! That was pretty neat :D. So, that's about all I can think of for now. I'm gonna cycle to Bethany today, so here's hoping it doesn't rain. And if it does, well I guess I'm gonna get wet.

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