Friday, 31 July 2009


Hi! I'm back earlier than anticipated, as you can maybe see. And I am determined that I will post regularly on this blog. As I am over thirty books behind where I actually am (ie between The Davidson Affair and whatever I decide to read next), that shouldn't prove too difficult. I also have the write up of my holiday to do.

So, why am I back early? Well, if you pop across to the BBC, at the moment they have a fantastic picture of a tent in the middle of a giant puddle. So giant in fact, that ducks and a swan are using it as a swimming pool. Now, we weren't in a tent (thankfully), but we were in a caravan. And for those of you who don't know, that means we were basically in a tent with wheels and plastic sides instead of canvas. Oh, and a toilet (which we try to avoid using, because, well, it has to be emptied, doesn't it???!). So it was kinda miserable when the rain was hammering down, especially on Wednesday when we didn't get out at all in the morning, but more on that shortly.

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