Friday, 31 July 2009

Wednesday 22 July

I wonder what I'll call these posts. Maybe I'll just go with the dates. Hmm, we shall see [as you can see, I'm going with the dates].
Anyway, we went into Cheltenham today. Had a bit of a wander anddid a spot of window shopping. We saw the Wishing Fish Clock, which was supposed to be quite something, but it wasn't that impressive really. Then we went back to the van for lunch and a rest cos Mum was knackered and Dad's foot was hurting. He's managed to get a little fracture in it, apparently usually caused by lots of walking and common among army types. Hmm... Not exactly a perfect description of my dad, although he has done a fair bit of walking recently with me. Before his foot started hurting at any rate (and of course, that was a couple of months ago and he's only just gone to see the doctor).
Anyhow, after that we tootled back into Cheltenham, and after much lostness we found the museum. Good fun, it was a nice place. Mum insisted we all do a quiz. Naturally I picked the aviaton one, but it was mega hard. And there was only really one plane on it.
Their furniture stuff (arts and crafts movement) was pretty impressive. There was some stuff about hte Boer and Crimean wars too, I got to see the rifle type they used in the Boer War. It just helps you visualise it a bit more. It's all well and good being told they used such-and-such a rifle, which changed to this one, but it's much better to see them 'in the flesh'. I mean, the text book didn't even tell you if they were breach or muzzle loading (aka whether you had to stand them upright and drop the bullet and a bit of powder in then shove it all down with a stick, or whether you could just put a cartridge in a bit at the side and pull the trigger).
I think that's about it for Wednesday :).

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