Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I've spent most of this afternoon working on two model helicopters. One was a Westland Gazelle, which I finished off (only needed to put the transfers on, but that is the hardest bit...), the other is the largest model I've ever built. Not finished, but getting closer. I only have about four steps left to do, which out of over fifty is pretty good going. I decided it'd be smart to put the transfers on that before the rotor blades due to experience with the smaller helicopter, and I'm glad I've started it. But there's still a lot more to stick on. There's about a hundred transfers, many of them (and I'm not kidding here) about 2mm by 4mm. Which is kinda fiddly, as you'd imagine. But it's starting to look really good. I shall post a picture when I've finished it all, but it's putting on the itty bitty little pieces that makes it look so realistic. All the little warning signs and that sort of thing. Hard work, but I enjoy it.

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