Friday, 31 July 2009

Tuesday 21st July

Well, here begins my paper based blogging enterprise. Technically, today is not the 21st of July. But we'll ignore that little fact. [It wasn't when I wrote this either, this is a pretty much word for word transcript of what I scribbled in a little red notebook].
Today (aka Tuesday--2 days ago), we set off on our summer hols. The weather was about what you'd expect for the start of the British school holidays. Grey, drizelly, and not all that pleasant for my poor dad who had to tow our super-size caravan along the M6 then M5. I sat in the back and read--finished off Agent Zigzag and then launched into Churchill's The World Crisis, which is not exactly what you'd term light reading. I did manage a fair bit, despite being distracted by spaghetti junction in Birmingham, and an inability to focus on the book for too long. It was rather small print, and rather a heavy volume.
So we got here. Here being Cheltenham, right by the racecourse. As in, about 10m from the actual course, with a nice view out onto it. Unfortunately, no races while we're here. Although there are Pony Club folk, so there are horses and ponies in some of the further fields. There's also a fair bit of squealing kids.
We tootled into Cheltenham for a drive round, doing our best to ignore JAmes who thought the site was 'how shall I put this? Awful.'. He was being a grumpy git, there's nothing particularly wrong with the site, though the bog block is not so warm and nice as it could be and is a fair trek (by choice so we had a good view). It's clean enough though, don't get me wrong.
Cheltenham was quite nice. We went into Iceland [frozen food store]. I tried to go in Bernado's Books, only it closed at five and guess what time I wndered in. About ten to five. so I tootled into Iceland and then we went back to the caravan.
A word of warning: don't get bananas from Iceland. We got some and they were BAD. Thankfully, I didn't bite into mine, because it smelt wrong. They were brittle in the middle too. We reckon they'd been frozen. Yuck.

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