Friday, 10 July 2009

The Matarese Circle

The first Robert Ludlum book I've ever read, and boy was I hooked! I think I was reading this until about two in the morning...

The Matarese are a secret brotherhood, and they're about to take over the world. Two people must team up to stop them. The problem? One's a Russian KGB agent, the other's an American assassin, and there's plenty of bad blood between them. Brandon Schofield wants nothing more than to kill his rival, the Russian now wanted by his own people. Until he realises that he too is a victim of the Matarese, and the only way of getting answers is to team up with the man he would much rather kill.

A wonderfully intricate plot, with plenty of fantastic action. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Just an interesting thought that struck me while I'm reading it--weird how books turn into historical fiction, isn't it? The days of the Cold War are over (well, in theory), but stacks of brilliant thrillers were written during that time. The same goes for the Biggles books--writing about WWI and WWII was what was happening (or had just happened) when they were written. Now they too have become a historical fiction, and are even sometimes used as showing what things were like back then. Not that I'm suggesting the Matarese actually exist, but you know what they say--truth can be stranger than fiction.

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