Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well, I decided that it would be a good idea to reorganise all my books again. I do this every so often, as I either get bored with the current arrangement or end up with books all other the place from buying them and not having the room to put them in the right place. Anyway, I guess for most people it wouldn't be such a huge job, but I have probably about five hundred plus books. And I decided to put them all into alphabetical order (all the fiction at any rate) by author, then put the series into series order and if it wasn't part of a series then it's alphabetical by title. Yeh, okay, it was a bit of a geeky thing to do, but I do now have every book actually sat on a shelf rather than on top of another book, and it looks good. Should be easier to find stuff now.

I'm on my second day with no facebook. Just realised that it means I won't actually know what a friend in Kenya is up to, but I figure my mum can tell me.

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