Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Shadow Project

Fantastic book. I got it new from Tesco, on the basis that I thoroughly enjoyed The Mozart Conspiracy and The Heretic's Treasure. And I wasn't disappointed. Another wonderful book, if now on slightly more standard lines (neo-Nazis, a secret Nazi weapon, etc). But it was well written, and there was a very interesting personal slant to the story, and a fascinating array of characters. Ben Hope is a brilliant character, and then there was his sister... But I won't say too much about that, you'll have to read it and find out for yourself. After fighting with a client and breaking his arm in his close protection training centre in France, Hope realises the only way to avoid a law suit that he cannot possibly afford to pay out on, he'll have to go back into the world of kidnap protection that he thought he'd left. A wonderful book, laden with complications and interesting twists of fortune, the action is also fantastic. Enjoyed it immensely, and I think I might even read the vampire series soon to come out from the same author, although that's not normally my sort of interest. I read the extract at the end, and it seemed kinda interesting. Maybe I'll even read Twilight one day... Anyway, I'd certainly recommend this one.

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