Monday, 15 February 2010


Well, it doesn't have a title yet. In fact, it has a single chapter and a little bit more. It also has a mindmap type thing on A3, semi-complete, which shows all the characters who have so far appeared. And a picture that I painted. I would stick it up here, but that would mean going downstairs and trying to persuade the scanner to work. So I'll describe it to you instead.

There's an image of the world, against a black background. Flying over the top of part of the world, a pale green aircraft with jet flames coming out the back. The nose is snapping a chain. It's the image that went in the centre of my mind map when I decided to do one for the story I was going to write next, and it sums up the plot. Or at least, it does for me. See if you can guess...

Yep, there's aircraft in it. One of my main characters is an ex-pilot. And guess what, there's space travel too. It's sci fi :). And slavery. And another main character determined to put an end to slavery. Oh, and there's going to be a military coup as well, with the assistance of the Air Force. Or maybe the Space Force? Does that come under Navy? I think the latter, so it'll be the Air Force against the Navy. The ex-pilot flew for the Navy too, and he did his flying in space, therefore the Navy has taken the jurisdiction for space travel. Well, it's in ships, isn't it? I don't think I'm explaining the story very well, sorry. I don't actually know a whole lot about it myself yet. All I know is that there will be some nice exciting flying scenes to write, there will be a military coup led by the Conservatives (taking out Labour during their party conference, arresting members of True Labour for sedition so that they can become the new government), and there will be a bit of a mega-arguement between Jon (the person trying to end slavery) and Arry (got himself freedom by fighting for the Empire) on one side and Prometheus (the ex-pilot) on the other side. Should be fun to write. It's also rather ambitious as far as things I've written go. It starts out with three plot lines in the 'current day' bit and another plot line every other chapter or so for when three of the main characters from the 'current day' bit were serving together in the War. Hmm, yeh, complicated. I should maybe stop describing it, write it, and then tell you what it's about. Because knowing what happens when I write, I'll end up with a totally different story to the one currently buzzing about in my head just now.

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