Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Picture

I got this picture while we were singing 'The Battle Belongs to the Lord' in Church this morning. I had to write it down straight away, now I think I'll share it with you.

We are advancing into enemy held territory. The sky is red as blood, dripping with it, an ominous portent of what is to come.

But God is on our side, what have we to fear? Who can stand against His might? And with every step we take, His glorious presence spreads further into this world of darkness. The light is nigh, the light is soon to be here. We are its harbingers.

We stride forward, together, united. This battle belongs to the Lord, as all battles should do, must do.

Every step we take brings us deeper into the territory where Christ does not reig. Every step brings us closer to that dominating dark castle. But soon, soon, the light will reign here too. Soon we will bring it.

Every step we take brings us closer to the range of enemy arrows. The dancers, the worshippers, the flag wavers, the singers, it is we who advance. And our praises rise up to the Lord.

They advance to meet us. We advance, following where the worship leads.

The arrows are fired. We keep going, keep going forwards. We ignore the arrows. They bounce off the shield of our praises. we are safe because of the praise. We will conquer the land.

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