Thursday, 25 February 2010


Well, today it rained on me while I was walking home and I'd forgotten my umbrella. I've also forgotten this week: an essay, my modern history text book, my ancient history text book, and I think I may have left my brain somewhere... It's quite annoying, because normally I'm pretty well organised. Or at least, I don't tend to forget important things. We also had a 'launch' of General Studies A2. Meh. The teacher (not my form tutor, we had to go to a random room which is set up like a cinema to listen to the senior tutor launch it instead) went on and on about how it'll improve our essay writing skills and how we'll be doing loads of practice on writing essays in tutor and how we'll have essay structure lessons. Essay structure plans are the most pointless plans I have ever seen. Essays have an introduction, body and conclusion. How you order it within the body depends a) on what you're writing about and b) personal preference. For example, some people like to start by arguing against the statement you're given or stating one side of the argument followed by the other. Others like to split it up into factors, for example looking at the pluses and negatives under one topic then moving onto the next. I'm doing three essay writing subjects already, I really don't need to sit there and write more essays. I'll have essays coming out my ears at this rate. Then we had to go and learn how to use ebrary. For a start, it's one of the simplest programmes I've ever seen, so it wasn't really necessary to have twenty minutes 'learning' how to use it. For seconds, there weren't even any decent books on it! There were a large number of history books I'll admit, but when I tried to get books on Irish history, there were only short guides, travel guides, and the odd academic paper which was of no use for the topics we're looking at. Meh. Rant over.

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