Saturday, 6 February 2010

Strawberry Avalanche

I'm just listening to this song by Owl City. It seemed like a good title, as good as any. I'm really enjoying it actually--I wouldn't be listening otherwise. I kept hearing Fireflies on Cross Rhythms, thought it was ace, and decided to have a look about for the band that did it. I'm liking this music muchly :). It's upbeat and fun, and I'm sat here trying not to start typing in time to the beat, because that's just daft.

Anyway, I didn't really come on to talk about Strawberry Avalanches. Although they could be quite fun. Hmm... I wonder if it's strawberry milkshake, smoothie, or real strawberries still in their skins. Maybe the little baby ones like we get in the garden that taste way sweeter than normal strawberries. I do apologise, my brain appears to be taking me off at yet another tangent. I was out late last night, that's my excuse. And then for some reason known only to my subconscious, I woke up first at four AM (I wonder if that's because I woke up at three the day before, and two the day before that...), managed eventually to get back to sleep, and then woke up again at six. After lying there bored for about twenty minutes, I figured I might as well read.

So, what've I been up to today? My parents are away in the caravan, for their wedding anniversary (29 years on Valentine's Day, but that's in half term so they decided to go away before that), my brother has gone to my grandparents. So I have the house to myself. *Stops and bobs along for a bit... Now I'm typing to the beat again. Never mind. It's inspirational music. Vanilla Twilight now. They really come up with fun names, don't they?* Okay. So I have the house to myself. I read for about two hours after waking up, Blood Sweat and Arrogance by Gordon Corrigan. Pretty interesting so far. Then breakfast, checked my e-mail, facebook, etc. Came back upstairs and decided to sit and crochet for a while whilst listening to Churchill on tape (second volume of his history of WWI). I'm making a baby blanket for a friend :). It's a good excuse to do some crochet again, I haven't done any for ages, and it means I can do things like listen to tapes, which I don't normally because unlike my brother I can't listen to a tape and read at the same time. In fact, I occaisionally found myself losing the thread of the tape slightly as I checked the pattern. Then I got up properly and did Irish Coursework and distance learning course. Tried to make lunch--I had a tin of macaroni cheese to heat up. It heated up fine in the pan, but it was the most disgusting concoction I have ever had the misfortune to attempt to eat, so I had to chuck it. Ate pineapple rings instead, while watching Patriot Games. Good fun, but I think the book was better and Jack's wife came across as a complete twit in the film. I was crocheting while doing that too. And now I'm here, psyching myself up to do maths homework. A Core 3 Revision Guide, what fun.

Don't know why I told you that to be honest. I guess maybe one day, some historian in a couple hundred years will look at this (if it's still floating around somewhere), and go look, that's how people used to live. They used to eat all their food out of tins and their parents stayed married and grandparents played a big part in their lives and... And it would all be totally unrepresentative of the vast majority of the world. Especially because I watched Patriot Games on video :). Well, it was 10p and you can't get a film out the library for that. I've got a fair number now, most of which I haven't watched. See what you can tell about me from the videos I own (and I'll include my two DVDs as well). I have: Transformers and Fireproof on DVD, the first two Lord of the Rings, Top Gun, Gladiator, Mission Impossible, The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Blackadder Back and Forth. Course, we have a fair few that're family ones too, which I'll watch sometimes. I tend to read more though. I won't list all my books here to let you work it out from them though--that'd take forever. Suffice to say: fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, crime, some historical fiction, a lot of history books (mainly WWI and WWII cos they're easiest to find, but quite a selection of others too--English Civil War, Mussolini's Italy, Falklands, Afghanistan, Crimean War, Russian Revolution, all sorts). Anyway, I shall leave you in peace now and go do my homework. Bye :)

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