Friday, 5 June 2009


I was on holiday in Cambridge for a week (well, couple of days there, couple of days in this other little place on the way there, and a day in London via the train). Really enjoyed it. That's why this blog is so hopelessly behind me... I have a list of books that I've not yet written about, which is nineteen books long, and I haven't said anything about what we did in Cambridge etc. Never mind. I shall catch up, eventually.

Cambridge was pretty awesome. It's an amazing city, and some of the colleges of the university--incredible! King's College is probably the most famous of the lot, and the architecture is mega impressive, but there are a lot of other really old buildings. Went into the Cambridge University Press bookshop, it's the oldest site in Britain which has continuously had a bookshop on it. Something like 400 odd years, which is pretty impressive, you have to admit. Looking round the colleges, I think I'm going to apply to Jesus College. It's a tiny bit out the city centre, maybe five minutes from the middle (Cambridge is a pretty small city, and no cathedral either just like Preston), got really big grounds, and a very impressive looking array of old buildings. Plus dinosaur statues outside...

The university library apparently has to add two miles of shelves every year to keep up with the influx of new books. That makes my ever expanding selection of books sound pretty modest. It's a copyright library, so they get a copy of everything published in the UK.

Anyway, that was Cambridge. Good fun visiting, and I really enjoyed the open top bus tour. And there are bicycles everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Probably because a) it's mega flat, and b) if you're an undergraduate at Cambridge University you're not allowed to have a car.

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