Thursday, 11 June 2009

Newman University College

It was the open day on Saturday, so I went down with my ad. We'd already managed to have a bit of a look when we were down for Warwick's open day, but it was pretty deserted then so I didn't really get much of an idea of what it'd be like. It was tiny! Even smaller than I thought originally. They have about 2000 students, 200 or so of which live on campus. That's like smaller than the college I'm at at the moment! Wow.

It seemed very friendly, and had a clear Catholic ethos. Nice chapel. The courses are very much vocational things, even history. You do stuff like archeology, learning to interview people, archive work, etc. And work experience is a part of it. However, there is a module which teaches you to write essays, and if I went there I'd have to do this essential skills type thing which could be quite rubbish. Hmm... I'm still thinking maybe Cambridge, but Newman would be a good backup option. I think I'd be happy there, it's just whether or not the course would actually be hard, because I'd get annoyed if it wasn't.

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