Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dead Man's Journey

Yeh, another Western. Although I don't know that I'd term this one a Western. I suppose, technically, books set shortly after the American Civil War involving the gold rush and all of that are Westerns, but it didn't feel like that. The main character had fought for the South in the Civil War, and lost an arm in the process. Returning home, he discovered his house destroyed, his family killed, and nothing to live for. The only thing he owned was a deed for a mining property in Colarado. So he determines to see what this place is, because it's something for him to do. He falls in with a wagon train and travels there, hating himself all the way for his disibility. And when he gets there, he discovers someone else on his claim. Beaten up and in love with the woman who saved him, he starts to realise that he isn't half a man. A heart-warming feel good story with a nice ending and a pretty good cast of characters. Don't be put off by the fact it's a Western, it's actually pretty good.

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