Sunday, 21 June 2009

Shoot out at Corpus Christi

Yes, it's a Western. I decided to read a Western. Well, there was an author at Freckleton (I think it was there anyway...) library the other week, and I went along, and she said there was a real market for Westerns. So I figured well, I'd read one. And, I loved it. I picked it virtually at random, mainly because it said 'Corpus Christi', and that's a college in Cambridge. Yes, that has to be about the randomest reason for choosing one book above another. Anyway, it was very enjoyable. The main character was interesting, well constructed, and fascinating. The plot was great too. A bounty hunter, on the trail of a notorious band of robbers and murderers, who've been painting Texas red. Brilliantly well written, gripping... It really made me want to go grab a few more Westerns and start reading them straight off, although the others I've read since then haven't really been on quite such the same level enjoyment wise. By Tom Calhoun, it's the first book in the Texas Tracker series, and I really wish I could find the rest of them.

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