Thursday, 18 June 2009

Nick Stone series

I am so far behind it's ridiculous. I'm afraid I can scarcely remember what happened in the individual books, which is why I'm going to lump Dark Winter, Brute Force and Deep Black all together. It seems a shame, because I did really enjoy them. If you want evidence of that, how about the fact that I read them all within a few days of each other, which takes serious dedication to a series. And also a succession of libraries which have those books in. They kept me up late a couple of times, and the description and action really is thrilling. For me, these are just about the best spy books you're likely to find. They're gritty, down to earth, and have such a realistic feel that it's hard to stop reading, and you sometimes have to remind yourself it's FICTION. So I would highly recommend this series. At times terrifying, others heart-wrenching, but mostly just utterly thrilling, they really are fantastic books, and if I hadn't got a list in front of me of eighteen other books I have read in the past few weeks that I need to get on with reviewing, I would certainly devote more space to them.

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