Monday, 8 March 2010

Wonderful Weather

I'm English, I have to talk about the weather :). It's part of our cultural heritage. Or something of that sort anyway. Hmm, I quite like this keyboard. Sorry. I'm currently on a mac in the mac suite at college. It's a bit weird--I've never really used one before. Not sure whether I like it or not yet. Certainly the keyboard's nice. Anyway, the weather...

Today, it is sunny. Very, very sunny. I woke up and went downstairs, and discovered that not only where the skies blue, they were so blue that there wasn't a single cloud anywhere. The only thing that marred the perfect pale blueness of the atmosphere was a jet trail, carving the sky into segments. Actually, I quite like aeroplanes (as you've maybe noticed...), so to be honest I wasn't that bothered by the whole jet trail. It's quite incredible to be honest, that we've had such nice weather recently. The other day I was listening to Cross Rhythms, which is based in Stoke-On-Trent (not that far away really), and one of the presenters was really late into the studio because the snow was blocking up the roads. No snow in Preston (not that that's so unusual). What is unusual though, is that we've had such sunny weather. I mean, it's March. Last month was February (okay, I guess that's kinda obvious...), you do not expect this kind of weather in early spring in Preston. You expect grey skies and rain. Admittedly, it's cold, very cold. But in the sun, it's actually pretty warm, and the sun is everywhere! Yay! If this is what global warming means... Actually, no, we don't want global warming. It'd mean us getting colder, because being British we just have to be the awkward ones don't we? To be honest, it's probably too late to save the Gulf Stream thing now, apparently the massive chunk of ice that broke off Antarctica the other week is going to screw it up anyway. Still, if we get a bit more sunshine and a bit less rain, I don't suppose that it's going to destroy our country. In fact, it might make it a more popular tourist destination. Can you imagine people coming to England to enjoy the sun, sea and sand?! I mean, British summers are renowned for being wet, and let's face it last summer was pretty darn wet. There was a puddle on the caravan site big enough for ducks to start swimming in, and it was not supposed to be a puddle, it was meant to be a pitch. I'm not convinced by this mac to be honest. The print's a bit small in here, I'm kinda struggling to read it properly. Never mind. Anyway, I just thought I'd tell you all a bit about the weather in this part of the world, because it's nice enough to deserve comment.

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